David Wood is the Founder of Focus.ceo, one of the world’s largest coaching businesses. He has trained high-performing entrepreneurs, executives, and even prison inmates around the globe, becoming #1 on Google for “life coaching”. David is the author of Get Paid For Who You Are, and is the host of the “Tough Conversations Podcast”.

In this episode, we talked about business coaching, hiring strategies, tough conversations…

Show notes

  • Introducing David Wood. [2:19]
  • David’s background and how he started as a business coach. [4:25]
  • Three common things for business owners to succeed. [6:41]
  • David’s journey after quitting his job. [7:51]
  • The structure to identify areas where people are deficient. [11:36]
  • Four D’s to mark for every task. [16:38]
  • A checklist for finding opportunities to increase revenue. [19:09]
  • Leveraging time by using artificial intelligence. [23:45]
  • David’s definition of a tough conversation. [27:59]
  • The Care Model for strategically handling tough conversations. [34:59]
  • The value of risk assessment and probability in decision-making. [38:48]
  • How to get more information about David. [45:17]
  • One book on David’s reading list. [48:13]

Resources And People Mentioned:


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