David Tal is the CEO and co-founder of Verse.io, a next-generation Lead Conversion Platform with specialized technology and highly skilled human concierges. David helps businesses create effective and authentic connections with their prospects by effectively merging the best abilities of technology and people.

In this episode, we talked about SMS, sales, marketing, lead conversion…

Show notes

  • Introducing David Tal. [01:15]
  • CRMs that Verse.io works with. [03:54]
  • Getting to know Verse.io. [04:30]
  • How the infrastructure looks like and preparations for the volume of traffic that’s gonna go in the company. [07:20]
  • A comparison of Verse.io with Interactive Voice Response. [10:48]
  • How Verse.io fares when staff are unavailable to address the concern. [12:12]
  • Thoughts on service agreements and defensive booking calls. [15:30]
  • How to deal with predatory attorneys. [19:12]
  • Automating scheduling. [20:31]
  • Some case studies on the growth of companies using Verse.io. [21:17]
  • Why one should switch to Verse.io. [27:31]
  • Strategies for reengaging leads and potential customers. [33:59]
  • The secret behind doing follow-ups. [36:18]
  • Preparing your budget. [45:05]
  • How to get more information about David. [52:22]
  • Three books on David’s reading list. [53:13]
  • David’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [53:59]

Resources And People Mentioned:


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