David Giannetto is the Chief Executive Officer of WorkWave, and the author of 3 books: Big Social Mobile, The Performance Power Grid, and The Decoy Artist. He has spent almost two decades leading and managing international organizations focused on the deployment and usage of enterprise-level technology, across a wide range of service-oriented industries. A frequent writer for national magazines, he also shares his expertise to various audiences as a keynote speaker. In this episode, we talked about management consulting, strategy, business intelligence, technology, business operations…

Show notes

  • Introducing David Giannetto. [1:29]
  • How he got his start, what he specializes in, and what he’s doing today at WorkWave. [3:16]
  • More information about WorkWave, what his client relationships are like, and what his goals are. [4:28]
  • What makes WorkWave’s customer base unique, and how they approach their service. [7:03]
  • Why it’s problematic for an entrepreneur to not have a grip on their numbers, and how WorkWave helps with that. [10:36]
  • The kinds of customers that WorkWave caters to. [14:40]
  • Important things to know about hiring, word-of-mouth marketing, and digital tools to remain competitive in the industry. [20:52]
  • How much of a role technology plays in operational efficiency today. [26:27]
  • The point where a business starts to get too large for the owner to manage—and why many owners fail in this aspect. [37:22]
  • What a healthy profit looks like, how your business strategy affects both your top line and your bottom line, and when it’s okay to not be profitable. [39:56]
  • Why everybody thinks of sales as if it’s an evil word. [47:31]
  • What WorkWave brings to the table for entrepreneurs of all sizes. [48:02]
  • Why understanding how to use data is a true game-changer, and the two kinds of information that every company needs to have a good grasp on. [55:40]
  • How to build a team of great technicians with the help of service technology. [1:00:50]
  • What David’s book, Big Social Mobile, is all about. [1:03:16]
  • Three books on David’s reading list. [1:07:27]
  • How to get more information about David. [1:09:11]
  • David’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:10:24]

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