Darius is the COO of F.H. Furr Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc, a 250-employees home service company with two offices in Virginia, and one in Maryland. Their biggest accomplishment to date is doing $1 million in financed serviced jobs in just three months. In this episode, we talked about hiring, sales, financing…

Show Notes

  • Introducing Darius Lyvers. [00:34]
  • How Darius’ company is cross-marketing and selling more services to their clients. [04:23]
  • Darius’ take on a big problem with today’s home service business technicians. [06:20]
  • The two sets of KPIs that your business should be measuring. [11:23]
  • Why (and how) you should measure above and beyond behavior in your staff. [12:42]
  • How CRMs are changing the game with transparency and real-time reporting. [16:17]
  • The booking rate to strive for in the home service industry. [18:58]
  • How Darius handles pricing requests from customers who say that they already  diagnosed the problem. [21:02]
  • Darius’ unique tip on attracting great talent. [24:40]
  • Darius reveals where they’re hiring 25% of their most skilled tradesmen. [25:48]
  • How home service businesses can recruit great people, even if they have no experience. [27:21]
  • How to determine if your business should offer financing. [31:50]
  • The two things you need to consider if you’re converting better than the industry average. [34:54]
  • A good conversion rate for high-ticket items. [35:35]
  • Darius shares his approach in handling price objections. [37:38]
  • Why Darius’ technicians follow the principle “Never ask, always assume.” [40:53]
  • The crucial role a CRM software plays in financing. [43:28]
  • Why you should make it easy for technicians to use your financing system. [44:33]
  • The mindsets that limit technicians from offering financing, and the best approach to address them. [46:09]
  • An effective method to get technicians comfortable answering customer questions. [49:46]
  • Darius talks about the three financing buyer personas. [51:01]
  • Two areas that will increase in your business when you use financing effectively. [54:53]
  • Why mobile convenience fees deter customers from buying from you. [58:22]
  • The top three books on Darius’ list. [01:01:37]
  • The two things you need to establish to get the best results in your organization. [01:03:44]

Resources And People Mentioned

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