Danny Kerr is currently the Managing Partner of Breakthrough Academy, Inc., a company that specializes in helping business owners establish efficient management strategies and a strong development plan. With a diverse career spanning recruitment, crew leadership, and franchise management, he has learned many invaluable lessons throughout the course of his journey as a self-made entrepreneur, and is passionate about helping trade and home service businesses take their operations to a higher level. In this episode, we talked about recruitment, leadership, motivation…

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Show notes

  • Introducing Danny Kerr. [00:30]
  • How much data matters to Danny in making decisions. [01:50]
  • Danny’s professional journey, and how he is now helping businesses get to the next level. [03:57]
  • The advantages and disadvantages of franchising, licensing, and starting out on your own. [07:33]
  • Danny’s tips on how to get started in business, and his perspectives on motivation. [13:47]
  • The core principles that Danny believes are necessary for startups. [25:14]
  • How to effectively harness the power of your employees’ social networks in finding the right people for your business. [39:17]
  • The significance of giving your team all the tools needed for success. [42:34]
  • Danny’s role in sales and marketing, and how he coaches people on that. [49:40]
  • The similarities among the top three sales organizations Danny works with. [55:26]
  • The weight of personality profiling in sales. [1:02:44]
  • Danny’s current favorite audiobook. [1:09:21]
  • One crucial piece of advice from Danny for entrepreneurs wanting to make it big in 2019. [1:10:10]

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