Dan Martell is the founder and CEO of SaaS Academy. He is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and coach who has helped thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide build successful businesses. He is passionate about helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals and has consequently developed a range of resources to support them, including his podcast, “The Growth Stacking Show,” and his best-selling book, “Buy Back Your Time.”

In this episode, we talked about negotiation, time management, coaching…

Show notes

  • Introducing Dan Martell. [2:26]
  • How belief can influence perspectives and priorities. [5:05]
  • The story behind how Dan turned his life around. [10:32]
  • The role of parenting in an individual’s self-development. [11:53]
  • Dan shares past experiences and how he built a multimillion-dollar company. [13:27]
  • Personal growth and relationships over material wealth. [16:13]
  • How to strategically set goals and measure success. [20:30]
  • Investing in personal branding and inventing oneself. [25:01]
  • Negotiation strategies and setting clear prices. [28:52]
  • Dan explains the concept of “mental models.” [35:39]
  • How to deal with time management and productivity. [40:39]
  • Managing meetings, increasing productivity, and increasing networks. [46:05]
  • Why Tommy implements a monthly Q&A. [48:31]
  • Buying back your time by empowering assistants to accomplish tasks. [53:46]
  • The “131 philosophy” in problem-solving. [54:11]
  • Why you should start bringing positivity into the workplace. [58:29]

Resources And People Mentioned:


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