Dan Claps is the Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of Voda Cleaning & Restoration, a successful Franchise Playbook Brand. He’s a serial entrepreneur in the franchise space who joined Murphy Business and Financial Corporation as the franchise system’s youngest Business Broker in 2014.

In this episode, we talked about franchising strategies, local service ads, lead generation…

Show notes

  • Introducing Dan Claps. [2:07]
  • Dan’s entrepreneurial journey from franchising to podcasting. [3:32]
  • Thoughts on franchising, lead generation, and customer service. [6:47]
  • The role of business identity and financial management for success. [10:18]
  • Enhancing distribution channels over the product or service. [15:24]
  • The common challenges and opportunities of franchising. [18:0]
  • Why franchising requires both local ownership and investments. [23:25]
  • How to navigate the industry and secure better deals for clients. [26:27]
  • Identifying and hiring top-performing technicians in the home service industry. [30:52]
  • Improving water mitigation business through empathy and creative problem-solving. [36:22]
  • Collaborative franchise partnerships vs combative relationships. [40:22]
  • Scaling a business with a focus on support and coaching for new owners. [43:22]
  • How to rank leads and understand client needs. [47:50]
  • Prioritizing health, time, and money for business owners. [52:13]
  • The pros and cons of being on the road for work. [57:53]
  • Insights on local service ads, reviews, and marketing strategies. [1:03:24]
  • Customer service and value in the garage door repair industry. [1:08:16]
  • Using CRM software for restoration businesses to improve user experience and cost. [1:13:16]
  • Implementing technology to streamline HVAC business operations. [1:16:03]
  • Private equity investments in home service businesses. [1:20:21]
  • Financial reporting and board meetings for productivity. [1:25:41]
  • Two books on Dan’s reading list. [1:28:38]
  • How to get more information about Dan. [1:29:19]
  • Dan’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:29:39]

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