Dan Antonelli is the president and chief creative officer of New Jersey advertising agency KickCharge Creative, a company that specializes in helping brands redefine themselves and stand out in all the right ways. He is an expert in graphic design and brand marketing who has worked on nearly 400 HVAC brands throughout his journey as an artist, which started when he was just 14 years old. He is also the author of Building a Big Small Business Brand, a critically acclaimed playbook for anything and everything about branding.

In this episode, we talked about branding, SEO, marketing, disruption, design…

Show notes

  • Introducing Dan Antonelli. [2:34]
  • Some background information about Dan. [4:46]
  • Why the right truck wrap is more effective and cost-efficient than a billboard. [8:53]
  • Why your branding should be less about what you like, and more about who you are selling to. [11:07]
  • Why it’s not enough for your trucks and brands to just be “seen” (e.g. making your trucks pink)—and what you should really be aiming for when redesigning your trucks.  [12:51]
  • Winning the battle on the streets, and why you need to win the battle online with search engine optimization as well. [15:23]
  • Why NOT doing graphic design is actually more expensive than doing graphic design. [22:06]
  • Why complacency in brand design leads to missed opportunities, and why you shouldn’t be afraid to rebrand. [25:16]
  • The critical elements that make a logo work and align with the business brand. [28:07]
  • Why Dan has extensive experience and knowledge in branding for HVAC businesses. [30:50]
  • The idea that “pictures don’t represent brands”—why using photos isn’t always the most effective branding strategy. [32:06]
  • What successful brands have in common in terms of branding, and the concept of  “blanding.” [34:24]
  • The biggest branding mistakes that small businesses should avoid. [38:24]
  • What constitutes good content marketing. [42:12]
  • How email marketing keeps customer engagement up, and why you should be doing it. [44:04]
  • Why you should focus less on keyword rankings and more on traffic that actually converts. [47:17]
  • Why it’s important to have an experienced, dedicated expert doing your branding instead of trying to do it yourself. [49:00]
  • Two books on Dan’s reading list. [50:48]
  • How to get more information about Dan. [54:23]
  • Dan’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [55:22]

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