Curt Kempton helps service companies in fine-tuning their quoting process with his service quoting software, Responsibid. As the founder and CEO of Symphosize LLC, Curt has provided invaluable assistance to businesses in closing higher-quality jobs at better rates. He has been working full-time on his passion—helping entrepreneurs achieve major goals by crafting systems best suited to their business’ DNA—ever since he sold his window service company back in 2014.

In this episode, we talked about customer service, small business, sales, systems…

Show notes

  • Introducing Curt Kempton. [1:44]
  • More about Curt’s life and career: what he’s learned and where he’s at today. [3:48]
  • The biggest challenges when it comes to setting the right prices, and the two essential things that pricing boils down to. [8:03]
  • Why building a good relationship with your customer is just as important as delivering quality service. [10:30]
  • What good customer service looks like. [14:17]
  • How tonality and the way you say words can change relationship dynamics between you and your customers. [18:51]
  • Why service agreements are important, and some insights on setting expectations. [20:16]
  • How creating a good customer experience over time develops customer loyalty. [22:13]
  • Wordsmithing, and how choosing the right words and responses makes such a big impact on how your customer perceives you. [24:04]
  • Curt’s “only key to success.” [25:38]
  • Creating connections, even during a pandemic. [28:56]
  • Why you need to understand what makes you unique, and put that quality front and center in your marketing. [31:51]
  • How Curt has been helping home service companies with the sales funnel and related processes during the course of the pandemic. [36:15]
  • Why sitting on their hands is the absolute last thing business owners should be doing right now. [40:52]
  • The systems that Curt developed to help streamline an owner’s business. [45:36]
  • How to get more information about Curt. [51:54]
  • Three books on Curt’s reading list. [54:02]
  • Curt’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [55:46]


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