Craig is the President & COO of HomeAdvisor, a $500M+ home service company that’s also the world’s largest digital marketplace for home services. In this episode, we talked about company culture, marketing, customer service…

Show Notes

  • Introducing Craig Smith. [00:30]
  • How HomeAdvisor got started when the main player in the market was Yellow Pages. [02:28]
  • Why calling your potential customers within 15 minutes is the magic number. [5:35]
  • How ServiceMagic got successfully rebranded into HomeAdvisor. [8:37]
  • Craig’s answer to “How do you handle explosive growth?” [12:30]
  • Why Craig is okay with HomeAdvisor taking 17 years to grow to where it is today. [16:45]
  • HomeAdvisor’s customer demographics. [20:45]
  • The key to doing lead generation right using HomeAdvisor. [24:37]
  • Craig explains the process of building HomeAdvisor’s brand. [29:20]
  • Why HomeAdvisor decided to acquire Angel’s List. [34.15]
  • What advice would Craig give when it comes to finding the most bang for your marketing buck? [37:03]
  • Company acquisitions shouldn’t be evaluated based on price first. [41:41]
  • How Craig thinks about HomeAdvisor’s biggest competitors: Google and Amazon. [45:10]
  • The strategy that all home service businesses should embrace to thrive in today’s market. [48:10]
  • Craig’s one piece of business and life advice. [50:35]

Resources and People Mentioned


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