Chris Yano is the CEO of RYNO Strategic Solutions and has been leading the company since 2008. He is an experienced business owner, investor, and philanthropist with a heart for the trades and a successful history working in the home services digital marketing and advertising industry. Chris is also the host of the popular “To The Point Home Services Podcast,” which offers marketing solutions to help more companies grow.

In this episode, we talked about customer relationships, private equity, lead generation…

Show notes

  • Introducing Chris Yano. [2:14]
  • A quick introduction to RYNO Strategic Solutions. [4:00]
  • Choosing the right franchises with a smarter approach. [7:15]
  • Appointing a board to focus on scaling your business. [11:14]
  • Why more people should get into shape. [14:13]
  • Finding the right partners and the right team. [17:56]
  • Competition in the digital marketing space for home services. [21:30]
  • Why you should start speaking at events. [27:13]
  • The impact of engagement and social media presence on your brand. [32:02]
  • The biggest mistake is not having a marketing background. [33:52]
  • Strategies for getting more links for your service. [37:13]
  • Advice for people thinking about selling their business. [44:28]
  • Getting the funds to build a better brand. [49:41]
  • Chris shares the story of mistakes and failures in his business journey. [52:47]
  • Tracking costs per lead and booking rates. [57:26]
  • The top advice for people struggling with work-life balance. [1:01:23]
  • Why should someone reach out to RYNO Strategic Solutions? [1:03:47]
  • How to get more information about Chris. [1:06:18]
  • Chris’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:08:11]


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