Chris Lee is the founder of SolGen Power, a premier solar installer and provider recently recognized by Bennett Financial Times as the sixth fastest-growing privately held company in the nation. He is also the host of a Top 30 Business Show, “The Founder Podcast,” and a member of the Forbes Business Council.

In this episode, we talked about door-to-door marketing, building enterprise value, exit strategies, work-life balance…

Show notes

  • Introducing Chris Lee. [2:16]
  • The story behind Chris’s first bankruptcy and $120 million company acquisition. [3:28]
  • Global business opportunities and the fundamentals of door-to-door marketing. [8:31]
  • Digital door-to-door marketing for energy audits and solar installations. [16:28]
  • Solar industry sales tactics and current technology utilization. [19:32]
  • Solar panel sales conversion rates and business strategies. [23:30]
  • Different products when conducting door-to-door and outbound sales. [27:52]
  • Entrepreneurship, future-proof business planning, and exit strategies [31:40]
  • Personal gain vs. building long-term enterprise value. [35:25]
  • How to sell a business worth millions of dollars. [39:33]
  • Overcoming control issues in challenging situations. [43:31]
  • Work-life balance and prioritizing impact. [48:00]
  • Seeking financial success and personal growth simultaneously. [51:53]
  • Building stronger bonds through regular meetings and holistic activities. [55:48]
  • How to get more information about Chris. [57:53]
  • Two books on Chris’s reading list. [58:47]
  • Chris’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:02:46]

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