Chris Hunter is the founder of Hunter Super Techs and Go Time Success Group. He is also the Director of Customer Relations with ServiceTitan. Over the last two decades, he has delivered quality service and leadership in his industry, earning him over 3500+ positive online reviews and a plethora of awards and recognition. These include the Tom McCart Consultant of the Year Award, Nationally Recognized Contractor of the Year in 2016 by ACHR, and the Ron Smith Industry Trailblazer Award.

In this episode, we talked about HVAC, entrepreneurship, leadership, customer service, team building, strategic planning…

Show notes

  • Introducing Chris Hunter. [0:48]
  • Chris’s career journey, and his plans for the future. [2:46]
  • The biggest things one can learn from going out and setting up a business on their own. [7:48]
  • Chris’s experience with selling his business, and the numbers that he was tracking up to that point. [10:08]
  • How you become better by surrounding yourself with certain types of people. [15:05]
  • How to hire amazing people. [18:12]
  • How to work well with millennials and the younger generation. [21:20]
  • About private equity, and what a business owner should do if they want to sell within the next five years. [26:58]
  • How to become better, more effective leaders, especially in times of crisis. [33:23]
  • The value of a vision board. [47:25]
  • One important lesson every entrepreneur must remember. [53:00]
  • How offering club memberships instead of maintenance agreements makes a difference, and how it affects customers’ perspectives. [58:09]
  • How to get more information about Chris. [1:07:11]
  • Three books on Chris’s reading list. [1:08:55]
  • Chris’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:11:45]

Resources And People Mentioned:


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