Charlie Felker is the co-founder of Free2Grow, a company that provides back office support to service-based companies to allow owners and operators to focus on growing their business. An expert in home service management, leadership and entrepreneurship, he has also co-founded several other companies, such as RFP Testing and HBM Holdings.

In this episode, we talked about outsourcing, CRM, hiring…

Are You Missing Out On Calls That Could Have Been Turned Into Clients?

In the last month, how many times have you said you’d follow up with a prospect…But then got caught up with work and missed out on the opportunity? How many times you didn’t answer the phone because you were on the jobsite? And is your CRM up to date? If that’s you, then you need help from Free2Grow to take care of those things for you so that you can focus on growing your business!

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Show notes

  • Introducing Charlie Felker. [01:11]
  • The beginnings of Free2Grow. [02:54]
  • Identifying the right CRM for a business. [06:01]
  • What Free2Grow does for their clients. [08:04]
  • The limitations of answering services. [09:21]
  • What to consider when getting clients for your call center. [10:11]
  • Helping clients choose the right CRM. [12:46]
  • How Free2Grow makes your CRM work for you. [14:12] 
  • What to look for when hiring. [16:00] 
  • How company culture and referrals strengthen hiring. [17:59]
  • The right mentality to run a business. [19:53]  
  • Hiring people with a military background. [22:53]
  • Handling common objections about outsourcing. [25:16]
  • The advantages of working with Free2Grow. [32:22]
  • Learning from successful businesses and business owners. [35:13]
  • What success means for Free2Grow’s clients. [37:25]
  • How outsourcing can significantly help your business. [41:11]
  • Dispatching for business. [43:27]
  • Secrets to a successful business partnership. [45:24]
  • An effective client onboarding process. [47:03]
  • Assigning employees to specific clients. [48:28]
  • Free2Grow’s blended support model. [49:25]
  • How to get more information about Charlie. [50:19]
  • Books on Charlie’s reading list. [51:40]
  • Charlie’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [54:32] 

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