Cameron is a natural-born entrepreneur, with two multi-million companies under his belt at the early age of 35. His accomplishments include engineering 1-800-GOT-JUNK?’s spectacular growth from $2 Million to $106 Million in revenue and 3100 employees, all in under six years. In this episode, we talked about delegation, systems, and processes…

Show Notes

  • Introducing Cameron Herold. [00:37]
  • The writing process Cameron used for his first books. [01:34]
  • The business lessons and skills that Cameron’s dad taught him, which helped create several business ventures for Cameron at the age of 15. [04:05]
  • How ADHD can be an entrepreneur’s superpower. [06:01]
  • The five important F’s in life, and Cameron’s strategy for managing them. [08:36]
  • Why Cameron thinks annual reviews are useless, and why you should manage your team like you’re raising your children. [11:03]
  • Why time is the most important currency. [13:17]
  • Cameron’s number one relationship advice to entrepreneurs. [14:03]
  • Cameron shares some actionable tips to help entrepreneurs live in the moment. [20:34]
  • The productivity app that Cameron uses to focus on his top three daily goals. [22:18]
  • How to maintain relationships with this one simple practice. [27:02]
  • Cameron talks about how to “begin with the end in mind” in your personal life and your business. [29:02]
  • The important piece of information that the best companies share with their employees to help them find meaning in their work. [32:40]
  • The reason why people grow apart. [35:42]
  • Cameron’s most important piece of advice to home service businesses. [37:28]

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