Susy is a Major Accounts Manager at Callcap, a platform that empowers businesses to improve their marketing effectiveness and customer service through call tracking and monitoring. Susy has years of experience in analytics and telephony, and has helped plenty of businesses, including several in the home service industry, get their booking rates up and grow their business. In this episode, we talked about booking rates, sales, customer service…

Show notes

  • Introducing Susy Boyter and Callcap. [00:33]
  • How Susy discovered Callcap. [03:39]
  • What the average booking rate is for home service companies that don’t track their CSRs’ performance. [06:43]
  • Tommy enumerates the top features of Callcap. [07:47]
  • What Callsurance is and how it can boost your business’s booking rate. [08:36]
  • Why getting more calls might not be the solution you need to grow your business. [13:48]
  • The one thing you need to do to keep your customers from choosing your competitors. [15:18]
  • The reason why some businesses fail to maximize opportunities. [16:01]
  • The questions you need to be asking to improve your booking rates. [19:31]
  • Three ways to make more money for your home service business. [20:55]
  • What you absolutely need to focus on to get your business from a 47% to a 70% booking rate. [23:27]
  • The minimum booking rate you need to achieve before you should expand in marketing. [25:55]
  • The five essential things you need to ensure is present in your business before digging deeper into your conversion rates. [27:17]
  • What it means when a call is marked “neutral” and how you can save neutral calls. [29:26]
  • Susy talks about how Callcap’s integration with Home Advisor helps home service business get customers from the platform. [36:08]
  • Callcap’s Rapid Response feature explained: How this feature can give your business an unbeatable advantage. [42:08]
  • How to recover missed opportunities and keep your current customers engaged with your brand. [44:47]
  • How to get a free one month Callcap trial via the Home Service Expert. [46:05]
  • The top three books on Susy’s list. [46:31]

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