Michael “Buzz” Buzinski is the CEO of Buzzworthy Integrated Marketing, a website marketing firm that specializes in providing profitable digital marketing solutions for service-based businesses. In May 2021, Michael released his book “The Rule of 26 For Service-Based Businesses”, where he talked about the path to doubling your website revenue using the Rule of 26.

In this episode, we talked about digital marketing, SEO strategies, KPIs, traffic & conversion…

Show notes

  • Introducing Michael Buzinski. [1:15]
  • Taking a deep dive into Michael’s “Rule of 26.” [4:54] 
  • Identifying the perfect avatar. [10:09] 
  • Three important KPIs in digital marketing. [11:43]
  • How your business stands out from its competitors through content. [13:14]
  • The difference between earned and paid traffic. [15:33]
  • Why you should have landing pages specific to the services you’re advertising. [17:27]
  • How one’s online searches are related to his/her buying intent. [22:23] 
  • Why you should have an expert to bring up your domain authority. [23:19]
  • The relation of organic searches to one’s buying journey. [29:09]
  • Google my Business being rebranded as Google Business Profile. [31:56]
  • Why accurate information on one’s name, address, and phone number is important to Google. [33:32]
  • Picking the right spot for your Google Business Profile. [36:19]
  • Three different ways to make your business as “local” as possible without having to list your home. [39:32]
  • Why you should avoid hiring “one-trick ponies.” [44:30]
  • What the attributes of an excellent person are. [48:54] 
  • How to get more information about Michael. [53:30]
  • Three books on Michael’s reading list. [54:13]
  • Michael’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [57:48]

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