Brigham is the founder and president of Power Selling Pros, a leading coaching and training firm dedicated to making your call center better. Power Selling Pros started training six call handlers in 2009. Today, they’ve successfully trained 450 call handlers and have worked with over 120 companies from around the globe. In this episode, we talked about customer service, booking rates, customer experience…

Show notes

  • Introducing Brigham Dickinson. [00:33]
  • How Brigham accidentally started training call center reps, and eventually, ended up creating Power Selling Pros. [01:38]
  • Brigham talks about what business owners can get from working with Power Selling Pros.  [04:43]
  • The percentage retained from trainings, based on survey results. [05:38]
  • The one critical mistake that causes businesses to miss out on booking a call. [09:23]
  • How to connect with your customers at an emotional level. [11:36]
  • The issue with saying ‘No Problem’, ‘Welcome’, and ‘Sorry’ (and what to say instead.) [16:05]
  • What effective CSRs who have higher average ticket sales do to get their booking rate up. [20:21]
  • How CSRs can set up home service technicians for success. [22:39]
  • The ideal amount of time that your CSRs should be spending with a customer. [24:05]
  • The reason why your CSRs are not booking 85% of the phone calls. [24:35]
  • Brigham’s advice for dealing with “bad CSRs.” [27:28]
  • How emotional connection works in phone calls. [29:58]
  • Brigham demonstrates relationship building strategies that CSRs can use to connect emotionally over the phone. [33:06]
  • What Brigham looks for when hiring a CSR. [36:52]
  • Why Brigham makes his CSRs listen to comedy to help do a better job. [37:07]
  • How to deal with customers who don’t settle until you give them a price. [38:58]
  • Brigham’s take on outbound sales being a thing of the past. [45:17]
  • What business owners can expect from the Power Selling Pros certification program. [48:17]
  • How to avail the free offer from Power Selling Pros and Home Service Expert. [50:52]
  • How creating a phenomenal customer experience can help home service businesses compete with industry juggernauts like Amazon. [54:37]
  • The one thing that people buy over brand or price. [58:02]

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