Brian Hong has been an SEO and Digital Marketing Expert for over 15 years, and has worked on over a thousand websites to date. As the head of Infintech Designs, he supports small and large businesses alike in maximizing their online reach, improving their exposure, and increasing their sales.

In this episode, we talked about design, marketing, advertising, SEO & digital marketing…

Show notes

  • Introducing Brian Hong. [1:23]
  • How Brian got started in the SEO business, and where he is today. [2:54]
  • How important Google is to the home service business and space. [5:06]
  • The pros and cons of Google’s various services, and what the future looks like for them. [6:19]
  • The importance of having a good online presence, on top of TV, radio, and billboard advertising. [8:56]
  • More about programmatic advertising, and how it’s working out. [9:54]
  • The biggest mistake businesses in the industry are making, in terms of their digital presence. [11:26]
  • Brian’s biggest tips for people who are looking into doing SEO for their businesses. [13:15]
  • More information on Google Local Services and how it works. [14:55]
  • The process of link building, and how important links are in your organic traffic. [16:00]
  • Brian’s advice to late adopters of the digital marketing wave. [20:00]
  • The missteps that many home service business owners take during the follow-up process. [26:33]
  • SEO leads, and why the buck doesn’t stop with SEO. [30:30]
  • Comparing Facebook ads versus pay per click and SEO, and other insights on digital marketing. [31:40]
  • Advice for home service business owners regarding simple ways to move the needle. [34:41]
  • Why having good SEO can only take you so far—and what you should be doing with the opportunities you get from good SEO. [34:59]
  • How important service agreements are for home service businesses. [35:44] 
  • What you can realistically expect in terms of leads, numbers-wise, from having a solid digital presence. [38:30]
  • How your strategies for Google affect your performance on Bing. [39:04]
  • How to get good reviews from customers. [39:43]
  • Quick ways to really accelerate your Google growth. [41:54]
  • Information on citations, and what tools to use. [43:35]
  • Why Google crawls certain websites 100 times a minute and others get crawled once a month. [46:34]
  • Three books on Brian’s reading list. [47:23]
  • How to get more information about Brian. [48:24]
  • Why WordPress powers more than half of the world’s websites. [51:11]
  • Brian’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [53:10]

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