Brian Davenport is the Senior Vice President of Operations at A1 Garage Door Services and former Regional VP of Operations. Part of his role at the company is to find new talent and lead people to their full potential. His other specialties include executive leadership, customer service excellence, and personal development.

In this episode, we talked about effective meetings, employee behavior patterns, operations…

Show notes

  • Introducing Brian Davenport. [2:35]
  • Brian talks about previous work experiences and his A1 journey. [3:47]
  • The importance of consistency in personal and professional life. [5:58]
  • Why you should start being punctual and positive in meetings. [13:44]
  • Company changes, employee feedback, and tough love in the workplace. [15:33]
  • The right people, processes, and leadership for success. [24:51]
  • Implementing structure and processes for a logistics company. [26:54]
  • The role of collaboration in business settings. [32:07]
  • Career development in the garage door industry. [37:07]
  • Prioritizing employee care and balancing profit margins. [38:57]
  • More insights on training, coaching, and investing in employee development. [40:26]
  • The best ways to handle upset employees and customers. [51:31]
  • Delegation and respecting the chain of command in communication. [53:51]
  • One book on Brian’s reading list. [1:01:29]
  • Brian’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:05:49]

Resources And People Mentioned:


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