Brian Courtney is the CEO of LifeWhere, a product that focuses on bringing predictive analytics for home utilities. Through LifeWhere’s predictive analysis technology, Brian aims to empower consumers to understand their home equipment, so that they can make better educated decisions. In this episode, we talked about customer service, sales, profitability…

Show notes

  • Introducing Brian Courtney. [00:30]
  • The catastrophic events with home equipment that led to the creation of LifeWhere. [01:45]
  • What is LifeWhere and how does it help home service business owners deliver a better customer experience. [04:35]
  • How LifeWhere’s predictive analysis works. [08:43]
  • Why home owners will benefit from using predictive analysis technology on their HVAC equipment. [11:31]
  • The step-by-step process of installing LifeWhere into homes. [13:13]
  • How accurately LifeWhere can predict issues before they become actual problems. [16:07]
  • How LifeWhere can double your home service business’ profitability. [17:50]
  • How creating transparency in the marketplace helps deliver a better customer experience. [23:04]
  • What the fees look like for home service business owners. [33:54]
  • What kind of home service companies LifeWhere would be perfect for. [41:23]
  • Where to get more information about LifeWhere. [46:08]
  • Brian predicts what’s in store for the home service industry. [48:32]

Resources And People Mentioned:

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