Brian Biro is a professional leadership speaker, coach, and best-selling author who has delivered more than 1,400 presentations around the world. His clients include Lockheed Martin, the US Army, Microsoft, the University of Notre Dame, senators and representatives from thirteen western states, and hundreds more. He was also rated the #1 speaker at four consecutive INC. Magazine International Business Conferences.

In this episode, we talked about leadership, possibility thinking, team-building…

Show notes

  • Introducing Brian Biro. [1:16]
  • More information about Brian. [3:06]
  • Perspectives on the post-pandemic business world, and the three controllables. [6:38]
  • The shortage of employees, and finding good people. [12:07]
  • Artificial intelligence and its impact on jobs. [15:38]
  • Important lessons about coaching, based on real-world experience. [20:10]
  • Effective exercises in team building. [31:49]
  • The three distinct categories of employees, based on level of engagement. [38:14]
  • Coaching, the Pygmalion effect, and who can and can’t be “coached up.” [43:33]
  • Perspectives on how words matter to recruiters. [48:37]
  • Strategies on developing the leadership team. [51:30]
  • The best way to make sure that performance is lined up with the whole game for the team to win. [53:00]
  • Describing the CEO, COO, and CFO positions in a company, and how they’re all working towards the common good. [56:53]
  • How to get more information about Brian. [1:00:47]
  • Three books on Brian’s reading list. [1:01:43]
  • Brian’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:05:00]

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