Brandon Vaughn is the CEO of Automate Grow Sell. He has years of industry experience under his belt, having served as the president of All-Clean! SoftWash, the owner of Vaughn Creative Works, and the sales and marketing manager of TigerStop Sawgear. He was also the recipient of the 2018 Small Business Owner of the Year Award (SBA), and became part of the Advisory Council for the Small Business Development Center.

In this episode, we talked about Leadership, Business Growth, Company Culture…

Show notes

  • Introducing Brandon Vaughn. [1:04]
  • His story of how he got into the business. [2:20]
  • The challenges of making such a tough business work. [5:00]
  • How he got involved with Josh Latimer and what he’s working on these days. [7:30]
  • His recommendations regarding how to work on the business and not in it. [10:41]
  • His perspectives on developing a “win-win” money-making mindset and educating employees on how the money actually flows in the business. [17:00]
  • His thoughts on letting top performers “get away with more” and giving them more leeway to break rules. [23:23]
  • Insights on talking about the biggest problem first (e.g. underperformers). [26:35]
  • The mentality that a small business should adopt to get to the next level. [27:31]
  • His thoughts about debt. [34:36]
  • The value of acknowledgement, and insights on internal marketing for “internal customers.” [40:52]
  • The biggest gains he has seen with working with small businesses. [44:46] 
  • Perspectives on rapid business growth, and how to approach it in a more strategic manner. [49:34]
  • His thoughts on company culture. [54:33]
  • Three books on Brandon’s reading list. [59:14]
  • How to get more information about Brandon. [1:02:50]

Resources And People Mentioned:

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