Bradley Benner is an expert on online lead generation, business scaling, and brand building. He is a contractor, publicist, PR marketing and lead generation specialist for Contractor Media, and the co-founder of Semantic Mastery. He also owns a marketing company called Big Bamboo, and hosts weekly digital marketing Q&A sessions called Hump Day Hangouts.

In this episode, we talked about SEO, Online Lead Generation, Reputation Marketing…

Show notes

  • Introducing Bradley Benner. [1:00]
  • What got him into SEO, and his home service trade background. [2:00]
  • His insights on online reputation management, and on companies like Yext. [10:56]
  • His experience as far as marketing on Google My Business is concerned, and some helpful tips. [17:58]
  • Various misconceptions about SEO, and what he has learned over time with his clients. [24:50]
  • The changes in SEO that he anticipates will impact contractors. [33:52]
  • His thoughts on building a custom map to make it easier for customers to locate a building or business. [38:05]
  • The ways through which home service business owners can leverage reputation marketing. [41:07]
  • About Semantic Mastery, and how listeners can benefit from it. [47:50]
  • How to get more information about Bradley. [50:30]
  • Three books on Bradley’s reading list. [51:07]
  • Bradley’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [55:05]

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