Bill Rossell is a marketing expert and the Chief Sales Officer of 1SEO Digital Agency. He oversees all of the pre- and post-sales relationships with clients, making sure that sales teams are setting the proper expectations. He spent six years in the Navy and was in the restaurant business until he decided to join 1SEO.

In this episode, we talked about digital marketing, ROI, customer feedback…

Show notes

  • Introducing Bill Rossell. [01:01]
  • More information about Bill. [02:53]
  • Marketing to customers who are willing to pay for quality. [08:06]
  • Understanding what your client really wants. [11:04]
  • What 1SEO is all about. [14:00]
  • What OTT is and Bill’s view on digital marketing. [14:27]
  • Bill’s advice on setting revenue goals. [17:24]
  • Understanding your marketing spend and conversion. [19:30]
  • Considering ROI on your marketing efforts. [21:49]
  • Why it is important to constantly evolve and adapt. [23:28]
  • How to execute great brand marketing. [25:56]
  • Where to allocate your marketing budget. [30:41]
  • All about LSA, GMB, PPC, and Organic Marketing. [32:25]
  • The double truck strategy. [35:19]
  • Maximizing Google My Business. [40:06]
  • Why retargeting is important. [42:29]
  • How to do PPC right. [45:48]
  • Why it pays to have multiple marketing strategies. [47:23]
  • Bill’s views on Yelp and customer feedback. [48:50]
  • Bill’s view on organic marketing. [52:42]
  • 1SEO’s pricing structure. [55:28]
  • Helping employees with their personal and professional development. [57:42]
  • How to get more information about Bill. [1:00:29]
  • Three books on Bill’s reading list. [1:01:10]
  • Bill’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:02:35]

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