Bill Pulte is the CEO of Pulte Capital Partners and the former director of Pulte Homes. A self-made millionaire, Bill is best known for being a Twitter philanthropist. He is also the grandson of William Pulte, the founder and chairman of the home construction and real estate development company Pulte Group.

In this episode, we talked about arbitrage, platform consolidation, technology, EBITDA, cryptocurrency…

Show notes

  • Introducing Bill Pulte. [01:11]
  • More information about Bill. [02:48]
  • Bill’s arbitrage strategy. [06:49]
  • What Bill looks for when investing in or buying other companies. [11:54]
  • Bill’s view on business platform consolidation. [14:06]
  • Additional things to look for when it comes to investments and acquisitions. [18:52]
  • What Pulte Capital Partners is all about. [19:58]
  • How technology will impact the home service industry. [24:46]
  • How large Pulte Capital is, and the difference between revenue and profitability. [32:17]
  • Bill’s recommended EBITDA targets for home service businesses. [35:51]
  • How to maximize cash within your business. [39:45]
  • Indicators and trends to look at in the home service industry. [46:38]
  • Investing in cryptocurrency. [51:22]
  • Bill’s philanthropy work. [54:30]
  • How to get more information about Bill. [58:25]
  • One book on Bill’s reading list. [1:01:11]
  • What billionaires do differently. [1:02:50]
  • Bill’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:03:59]

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