Bill Hillestad has conceived, started, marketed, nurtured and grown well over a dozen companies, with combined revenues north of $1 billion. Bill uses his over 25 years of professional experience in the real estate, mortgage, financial services, and marketing industries to help businesses maximize their growth and increase their earnings.

In this episode, we talked about capital, credit auditing, digital marketing…

Show notes

  • Introducing Bill Hillestad. [1:22]
  • What entrepreneurs need to get access to capital. [2:38]
  • The surprisingly simple process of maintaining good credit and getting access to capital. [7:13]
  • How to avail a 30% discount on the credit audit service. [12:19]
  • Two books on Bill’s reading list. [13:33]
  • How to guarantee that you’re doing advertising right. [16:51]
  • How to get access to Bill’s marketing resources. [20:23]
  • A “secret” Facebook feature to boost follower count. [24:45]
  • How to work with your spouse or partner in boosting your follower count. [26:18]
  • A special tip for Facebook Live users. [27:21]
  • How entrepreneurs can use Facebook Live to make money. [30:01]
  • The value of testimonials from customers. [33:25]


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