Ben is a renowned Internet marketer and one of the top email marketing specialists in the world today. He has over 15 years of experience doing direct response copywriting for his clients, helping them earn multimillion dollar sales in hypercompetitive markets. In this episode, we talked about email marketing, sales, lead generation…

Show notes

  • Introducing Ben Settle. [00:36]
  • Ben’s main challenge, and how he overcame it. [04:10]
  • The biggest error that businesses make when it comes to marketing. [6:11]
  • How to write emails in a way that people would like. [12:31]
  • What a shallow dive survey is, and how you can use it to learn more about your customers. [14:42]
  • Ben recommends a great way to clean up email lists. [18:46]
  • Why email copy is not the most important element of a great email. [19:29]
  • How to write compelling copy. [20:46]
  • Why writing emails to your subscribers everyday can make you more likeable. [24:58]
  • How you can be the Amazon of your industry through email marketing. [28:10]
  • Why you shouldn’t obsess over your KPIs. [31:29]
  • The two problem with open rates. [33:51]
  • Why Ben doesn’t use HTML emails. [37:04]
  • The one thing that’s more important than your subject line. [41:14]
  • What a shock effect subject line is, and how often you should use it. [41:26]
  • How to get a user’s permission to email them. [45:05]
  • The key to telling a great story. [46:56]
  • Two ways to partner up with a complementary businesses to get access to their mailing lists. [50:58]
  • Ben’s take on using behavioral patterns to send emails. [55:20]
  • Why you should start with identifying your market instead over finding products to sell. [1:01:10]
  • Where to get more information about Ben. [1:03:15]

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