Tommy Mello is the author of Home Service Millionaire and the founder of A1 Garage Doors, a $150 million-plus home service business with over 500 employees in 16 states. Through and the Home Service Expert podcast, Tommy shares his experience and insights to help fellow entrepreneurs scale their businesses.

In this special episode of the Home Service Expert podcast, Tommy answers your biggest questions about branding, relationship building, employee retention, financing, leasing…

Show notes

  • Getting by a day when an employee does not show up. [03:29]
  • Doing SBA financing better. [06:44]
  • What Tommy looks for in people during interviews. [08:16]
  • Tommy’s thoughts on using EOS or internal systems. [09:05]
  • Yearly average for a garage door business. [10:11]
  • How Tommy expanded his business. [11:12]
  • Knowing when to expand your business. [13:21].
  • Assessing the right type of payment for your employees. [16:09]
  • Tommy’s opinion on PFPs for accounting and fractional CFO. [17:19]
  • Tips on keeping track of your relationships with your employees. [19:47]
  • How a performance pay structure works. [22:55]
  • Tips on building relationships in the commercial industry. [25:39]
  • Determining when to spend on top of the funnel advertising. [27:46]
  • Exploring tiered financing for payment options. [31:20]
  • Why one should get a bookkeeper for their business. [32:48]
  • Tommy’s take on signup bonuses. [34:01]
  • Why closing percentages should become a factor in determining pay grades. [36:34]
  • Dealing with employees on pay grades. [42:04]
  • What Tommy would do if he had to start all over. [47:07]
  • The secret to employee satisfaction. [48:10]
  • How to get people to adopt your mindset. [49:19]
  • Tommy’s recommendation on conducting exit interviews. [53:29]

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