Anna Tutckaia is the Head of Marketing at ManyChat, the world’s leading chat marketing platform that helps businesses across 190 countries engage and support billions of customers in real-time and at scale. She is also the Co-Founder at Scalefully, a marketing agency focused on customer acquisition for software and eCommerce brands.

In this episode, we talked about demand generation, mobile marketing, influencer campaigns, web analytics, and chat automation…

Show notes

  • Introducing Anna Tutckaia. [00:37]
  • Anna’s experience in marketing. [02:11]
  • How ManyChat works. [06:22]
  • Getting the right mailboxes opened. [14:06]
  • Supercharging influencer campaigns. [16:59]
  • The customer base of ManyChat. [23:06]
  • Exploring ManyChat’s freemium model. [24:12]
  • The pros and cons of virtual assistant and an algorithm in chatboxes. [25:38]
  • Anna’s thoughts on virtual assistants. [27:39]
  • Building the perfect outreach program for your business. [31:11]
  • Anna’s feedback on Tommy’s website and overall marketing strategy. [33:53]
  • How much an outsourcer costs. [40:37]
  • Preference between Fiverr and Upwork. [41:42]
  • Marketing tips for Home Service Business Owners. [42:42]
  • How to contact Anna. [46:28]
  • What Lemonpie does. [47:15]
  • One book on Anna’s reading list. [48:03]
  • Anna’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [49:15]

Resources And People Mentioned:


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