Andy Elliot is the CEO and Co-founder of The Elliot Group, the fastest growing automotive sales training company and virtual training program in the world which currently trains 185,000 salespeople across the globe. He also runs the largest car sales training channel on Youtube while hosting a live automotive sales seminar called “The Master Closer Seminar” based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

In this episode, we talked about sales training, recruitment strategies, leadership mindsets…

Show notes

  • Introducing Andy Elliot. [1:24]
  • The story of Andy’s first sale at a car dealership. [3:07]
  • The importance of presenting options and getting to know clients. [10:37]
  • Building unrecruitable teams through effective self-leadership. [12:03]
  • Andy’s two essential rules in forming the best business. [15:15]
  • Asking the right questions to enhance your recruitment skills. [19:38]
  • A winning mindset that will boost your business growth. [23:05] 
  • How to address COVID resetting communication barriers. [26:02]
  • Emphasizing passion in doing your job to engage customers. [27:44]
  • Reasons why companies are not selling at their target pace. [30:29]
  • The story behind Andy’s record-breaking $715,000 in one year. [34:56]
  • Distraction as a hindrance to low sales performance. [37:38]
  • The role of arbitrage in investing and achieving financial freedom. [40:58]
  • Critical elements in the sales training journey. [47:27]
  • The benefits of using analogies in closing transactions. [51:36]
  • Why you need to start focusing on finding natural talent in recruitment. [54:31]
  • Andy’s approach on responding to objections. [57:15]
  • What to expect when picking up “The Sales Warrior Playbook.” [1:02:24]
  • Three books on Andy’s reading list. [1:12:11]
  • How to get more information about Andy. [1:12:53]
  • Andy’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:13:11]

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