Amanda Holmes is the CEO of Chet Holmes International which has worked with over 25,000 businesses worldwide. At age 24, she inherited her father’s multi-million dollar enterprise, which specializes in helping companies double their sales.

In this episode, we talked about The Dream 100 strategy, leadership, sales, marketing, business growth…

Show notes

  • Introducing Amanda Holmes. [01:36]
  • What Amanda has been up to the last few years. [02:58]
  • Time management secrets by billionaires. [07:57]
  • Scheduling tips. [13:12]
  • Getting to know Chet Holmes. [15:50]
  • How to build case studies and some building blocks to think of. [22:49]
  • The difference between content marketing and Chet Holmes’ strategy of “resetting the buying criteria.” [27:38]
  • Key strategies on conducting case studies. [30:12]
  • Setbacks that hinder home service businesses from doubling their sales in the next 12 months. [34:09]
  • Tackling The Dream 100 strategy. [41:59]
  • The story behind Amanda’s letter to dad on the foreword of The Ultimate Sales Machine. [52:53]
  • Amanda’s favorite thing about The Ultimate Sales Machine. [58:59]
  • How to get more information about Amanda. [01:05:44]

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