Allan Ferguson is a nationally recognized business consultant, and the founder of Service Professionals Australia, a service industry training company. He is also the founder and managing director of Omega Homes, Sydney’s leading plumbing, electrical and air conditioning company, as well as the founding partner of Leading4Growth, an online leadership platform that provides ongoing leadership training in both business and life.

In this episode, we talked about Pricing, Training, Business Growth…

Show notes

  • Introducing Allan Ferguson. [0:32]
  • How Allan got into the home service niche. [2:16]
  • How he came up with a pricing model, and what that changed for him. [7:25]
  • How he teaches technicians to charge the right prices. [11:22]
  • The one-truck breakdown exercise. [14:20]
  • The four reasons why technicians won’t sell. [21:25]
  • How Allan ensures that he’s giving the right amount of training. [23:48]
  • The two reasons people buy. [31:10]
  • The largest business challenge Allan had to overcome. [40:08]
  • The “10x growth” process. [43:35]
  • Allan’s take on building a successful team through marketing. [49:18]
  • His definition of how a dispatcher’s motivated to make the capacity board really good for the tech, especially the good performers. [57:35]
  • Allan’s top three books everyone should read. [1:09:25]

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