Allan Dib is the bestselling author of “The 1-Page Marketing Plan.” Throughout the course of his professional career, he has established, run, and successfully ended numerous businesses, including one that made it to Business Review Weekly’s coveted Fast 100 list. He reaches out and works with people across the globe as a business coach and consultant, applying years of experience in his mission to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses with technology and strategic action. 

In this episode, we talked about marketing, performance tracking, automation…

Show notes

  • Introducing Allan Dib. [1:07]
  • How Allan obtained the knowledge and inspiration to write the book. [1:27]
  • The surprising benefit to being in an industry that doesn’t do much marketing.  [2:34]
  • How marketing manifests in everyday life. [3:02]
  • Why home service business owners are hesitant to embrace marketing. [4:14]
  • How to measure marketing success. [8:02]
  • What it means to find your audience, and why it matters. [11:32]
  • The challenge technicians face in marketing themselves. [15:53]
  • The misconceptions and major challenges in Allan’s marketing journey. [22:35]
  • How to craft good messaging – and what everyone else keeps getting wrong about it. [27:16]
  • How to change your perspective about money. [29:49]
  • Allan’s best tips on obtaining the right numbers to make informed decisions. [35:10]
  • Improving your marketing results through the 64/4 rule. [36:22]
  • The importance of exchange of value, and why you shouldn’t do work-related things for free. [42:52]
  • Automation and the future of businesses. [46:33]
  • Why money seems to be at the core of many problems. [54:41]
  • Three books on Allan’s reading list. [57:54]
  • Allan’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [59:07]

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