Alisa Imperial is a Project Manager at A1 Garage Door Services, where she leads a team dedicated to providing leadership and support to industry leaders in home services. Prior to joining the company, she spent over ten years at Spectra, where she worked as a Regional Human Resource Operations Manager during her final year.

In this episode, we talked about technician training, customer service, ride-along forms, employee engagement…

Show notes

  • Introducing Alisa Imperial. [1:49]
  • How Alisa built a successful training program for A1. [5:19]
  • Ride-along forms and how this helps technician training. [9:07]
  • Perfect technicians vs perfect installers. [10:40]
  • Creating exceptional moments and choices for clients. [13:09]
  • Insights about employee retention and company growth. [15:05]
  • Adapting to change and building trust in garage door company. [21:42]
  • Training programs and service guarantees for garage door technicians. [24:54]
  • Building trust in a training program. [30:23]
  • Supportive environments with graduation ceremonies and welcoming strategies. [34:49]
  • Training centers, salespeople, and investments. [38:34]
  • How to handle trainees showing attitude problems. [41:29]
  • Top hiring practices for automotive technicians. [46:16]
  • One book on Alisa’s reading list. [53:06]
  • Alisa’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [54:52]


Resources And People Mentioned:


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