Al Levi is a consultant and CEO of the 7-Power Contractor and one of the contributors of the book The Home Service Millionaire. He was rated as one of the 25 most influential contractors in the United States by Plumbing and Mechanical Magazine, where he has also been a longtime columnist. He now helps other contractors learn how to run their businesses with less stress and more success through consultations, workshops, and webinars.

In this episode, we talked about business manuals, org charts, standard operating procedures…

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Show notes

  • Introducing Al Levi. [2:15]
  • Al’s background growing up in a family business. [4:15]
  • The different uses of technology and software in a company. [6:49]
  • The dangers of ChatGPT in setting up your manuals. [8:46]
  • Fundamentals of the CSR, dispatchers, and technicians relationship. [14:22]
  • Time and energy are the most precious commodities. [18:46]
  • How Al Levi’s video lessons and workbook helped successful companies. [23:28]
  • Building the right training centers and signature operating manuals. [28:46]
  • Investing in people and systems that align with your business goals. [33:09]
  • Tips to develop smarter manuals with better content. [37:04]
  • Integration of manuals is critical to the process. [39:30]
  • Why you should strengthen your company’s orientation process. [42:19]
  • The process of knowing when to create org charts and manuals. [47:12]
  • Reverse engineering to achieve your business goals. [50:15]
  • Cloning yourself to maximize your team’s potential. [54:01]
  • The benefits of having a blocked calendar. [57:54]
  • The future of AI in the home service industry. [1:02:57]
  • CRM as a critical component in streamlining operations. [1:05:37]
  • Al’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:07:47]

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