Al Levi has been rated as one of the 25 most influential contractors in the United States by Plumbing and Mechanical Magazine, where he has also been a longtime columnist. After starting and growing his own business, he was able to sell the business to then retire before reaching 50. He is the author of The 7-Power Contractor, and helped in co-authoring the book The Home Service Millionaire.

In this episode, we talked about entrepreneurship, contracting, leadership, staffing…

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Show notes

  • Introducing Al Levi. [1:27]
  • What Al has been up to since he last guested on the podcast. [3:19]
  • Understanding Staffing Power: What it is and why it matters. [7:05]
  • Developing strong and repeatable processes and manuals, and why you shouldn’t wait for the “magic person” who will automatically do everything right. [13:48]
  • The tendency of most industries to focus on technical aspects, without giving due attention to the operational and sales components of the business. [20:45]
  • The serious consequences of not having a systematic way of doing things. [27:45]
  • Ethical selling, and being the best solutions provider for your customer. [37:54]
  • Getting good reviews, the “mystery shopper,” and the two types of companies Al has worked with. [43:20]
  • Why people who procrastinate may actually be afraid of change. [49:04]
  • The importance of having the right, clearly defined org chart. [54:50]
  • Why you shouldn’t be the “answer man” for your employees, especially if your company already has manuals. [58:44]
  • Knowing when and how to let go of people. [1:00:52]
  • Nuggets of wisdom for smaller companies/companies under 2 million on what to do and what’s next. [1:03:45]
  • More information on the program for helping people develop manuals. [1:06:05]
  • How to get more information about Al. [1:10:53]
  • Three books on Al’s reading list. [1:12:20]
  • Al’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:14:51]

Resources And People Mentioned:


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