Al Levi is the author of The 7-Power Contractor and co-author of The Home Service Millionaire. A former contractor who worked for 25 years in every aspect of his family’s Long Island-based HVAC/plumbing business, Al has been rated as one of the 25 most influential contractors in the United States by Plumbing & Mechanical Magazine. He now helps other contractors learn how to run their businesses with less stress and more success through consultations, workshops, and webinars.

In this episode, we talked about business systems, operations, staffing, sales and marketing…

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Show notes

  • Introducing Al Levi. [1:05]
  • Why Al wrote the book, and a little bit about his journey. [3:35]
  • How having operating manuals can save an entrepreneur from being a hostage to his business. [9:25]
  • Understanding the 7 powers that enable you to create SOPs for your business. [14:23]
  • The trick to delegating. [19:29]
  • The three attitudes you have to let go of in order to be able to uplift your team.  [24:18]
  • Why it’s important for an entrepreneur to understand himself and be clear about the roles he must stick to—and how having operating manuals helps in that regard. [33:08]
  • Why it’s not the 80 that trips you up, but the 20. [38:31]
  • Why it’s important to develop the right skills to keep up with the times. [46:19]
  • Earning what you deserve, and the principle of “trust and verify.” [49:04]
  • The optimum number of calls a day per technician, and the importance of diagnosing the person before diagnosing the problem. [50:33]
  • The value of not micromanaging and committing to systems and operating manuals. [56:01]
  • An important announcement from Tommy and Al, and a surprise special giveaway.  [59:21]
  • Al’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:06:07]

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