Al Levi is the author of The 7-Power Contractor, and has helped countless businesses get organized for nearly two decades. Prior to that, he worked as a contractor in the HVAC plumbing business for 25 years. He is a regular columnist for Plumbing & Mechanical Magazine, and has been rated one of the 25 most influential contractors in the United States.

In this episode, we talked about Operating manuals, Communication, Efficiency…

Show notes

  • Introducing Al Levi. [1:04]
  • What he has been up to lately, and how he got started in the manual-making business. [2:29]
  • How his approach helped Zoom Drain President, Jim Criniti, improve operations and transform the company into the plumbing powerhouse that it is today. [8:51]
  • The triangle of communication: the three main essential things in any home service business. [14:56]
  • The areas of the business where most owners have trouble when it comes to fixing what’s broken. [20:25]
  • The three most common problems that an operating manual can fix. [24:30]
  • How to address people who think that they don’t need an operating manual because their company’s doing just fine. [28:57]
  • The difference between a business owner’s salary and their actual profit. [41:03]
  • Building one’s own operating manual, and the resources it requires. [48:35]
  • Keeping our lives organized by spending time, money, and energy the right way. [51:04]
  • The Build Your Operating Manual online training course. [53:52]

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