Adam Cronenberg has had over a decade’s worth of professional experience in various industries, with a specific focus on relationship management, process optimization, and negotiation. As A1 Garage Door Service’s COO, he has played a critical role in shaping the business’s success and growing it from the ground up.

In this episode, we talked about consultative selling, relationship management, prospect contract negotiation, closing the deal…

Show notes

  • Introducing Adam Cronenberg. [1:05]
  • Some background information about Adam. [2:14]
  • How the adoption of a better software solution (ServiceTitan) became a catalyst in the development of the company. [8:12]
  • How they overcame the budgeting and bookkeeping challenges they experienced at the company’s inception, [13:19]
  • Why having a great team is integral to the success of a company. [17:05]
  • How Tommy, Adam, and the team make time to bond—and how that helps them make better decisions for the business. [21:24]
  • Why it’s important to take time to focus on the business, and not in it. [24:26]
  • Why sometimes, tough decisions have to be made, whether concerning employees or markets, for the benefit of the business. [28:13]
  • What’s being optimized at A1 Garage Door Service right now, and why it’s “a great time to be working on things.” [34:38]
  • How the “performance pay” structure has proven to be a boon for the company’s operations in ensuring productivity during crisis situations. [36:14]
  • The various opportunities to work things out in the business, in the midst of the ongoing pandemic. [42:13]
  • How keeping a daily log helps tremendously with time management. [46:43]
  • Finding the right balance between technical expertise and interpersonal skills, and how that can help you identify the right person for the job. [51:46]
  • What sets A1 Garage Door Service apart from 99% of the other companies out there in the industry. [57:03]
  • The culture at the company, and how it represents their overall vision. [1:08:16]
  • The number one goal when you’re the owner or a senior manager of a 30-person company. [1:13:54]
  • Three books on Adam’s reading list. [1:25:56]
  • How to get more information about Adam. [1:27:29]
  • Adam’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:27:51]

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