Adam Coffey is a Founding Partner at CEO Advisory Guru. He is also a best-selling author, and international speaker, renowned for his visionary leadership and ability to propel transformative growth while cultivating high-performance cultures. With more than twenty-one years at the helm, he has successfully led three national private equity-backed service companies, overseeing 58 acquisitions and achieving billions.

In this episode, we talked about sources of funding, marketing, empire building…

Show notes

  • Introducing Adam Coffey. [2:14]
  • Achieving business success with a focus on impact and giving back. [4:03]
  • Introduction to private equity investments. [6:30]
  • The impact of private equity and their success rates. [11:35]
  • Discipline with buy and build deals in the HVAC industry. [19:44]
  • Building and integrating multiple home service businesses. [23:11]
  • The concept of the private equity pyramid and diminishing opportunities. [29:32]
  • IPO challenges for middle-market companies. [34:16]
  • Potential benefits of partnering with a private equity firm. [44:23]
  • The top methods for asset diversification. [48:03]
  • Investing, diversification, and validation in private equity. [58:20]
  • A better understanding of investor expectations. [1:01:59]
  • How to scale a business from $10M to $1B. [1:06:04]
  • Insights about empire building and monetization. [1:10:44]
  • Where to get a copy of Adam’s latest book. [1:13:25]
  • Adam’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:14:01]

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