Adam Coffey has spent over the last two decades serving as President and CEO of three national private equity backed service companies across different industries. He is the best selling author of The Private Equity Playbook, and has just released his new book, The Exit Strategy Playbook. He was also named one of the most influential leaders by the Orange County Business Journal from 2018-2020.

In this episode, we talked about private equity, asset diversification, having a building-to-sell mentality…

Show notes

  • Introducing Adam Coffey. [01:28]
  • What’s been keeping Adam busy during COVID. [04:32]
  • Owning a business empire. [08:28] 
  • Insights on private equity returns. [12:14]
  • Asset diversification strategies during COVID. [13:01]
  • The implications of taxation when selling a business. [18:28]
  • EBITDA versus EBITDAC, and why the building to sell mentality is important. [23:10]
  • Becoming a platform company and the Happy Meal Effect. [32:32]
  • Shareholder value creation and rollover investments. [44:50]
  • The benefits of partnering with a bigger company. [48:54]
  • The importance of having the right business partner. [52:05]
  • Asking questions and becoming an educated entrepreneur. [53:05]
  • How to get more information about Adam and his book, The Exit Strategy Playbook. [1:00:32]
  • Learning the process to sell a business to be prepared. [1:03:42]
  • Adam’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:07:59]

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