Aaron Weiche is the co-founder and CEO of Leadferno, a text messaging platform that aims to help close more leads faster. He is an entrepreneur, founding and leading multiple companies and digital marketing agencies over the past 20 years. Prior to Leadferno, he was the CEO of GatherUp where he led the company to experience 5X growth in a span of four years and appeared in the INC 5000 list for 2019. He continues to share his expertise as a co-host for a podcast on running a SaaS company called TheSaaSVenture.com, as well as through international speaking engagements on the topics of digital marketing, customer experience, conversion, and messaging.

In this episode, we talked about text messaging, digital marketing, conversion…

Show notes

  • Introducing Aaron Weiche. [01:00]
  • Aaron’s reason for entering digital marketing. [02:39]
  • Getting to know Leadferno. [04:23]
  • Learning the art of conversation with customers. [07:21]
  • Ways to find the right touch points with your customers. [08:50]
  • Why text messaging is an effective way to start a conversation. [10:38]
  • How to train your employees in utilizing text messaging for marketing. [13:22]
  • The difference of Leadferno from its competitors. [15:35]
  • Setting up a system that keeps your employees motivated. [19:58]
  • Considering the economy of scale for digital marketing. [22:46]
  • Ways to increase conversion through Leadferno. [24:56]
  • How text messaging drives leads to websites. [28:34]
  • Aaron’s thoughts on bots. [32:37]
  • Empathizing with your customer through text messaging. [34:22]
  • Finding other options in Leadferno’s UI. [36:22]
  • Pros of using text messaging over a bot. [42:16]
  • How to contact Aaron. [48:01]
  • One book on Aaron’s reading list. [48:44]
  • Possibilities for companies that will open text messaging services. [51:23]
  • Aaron’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [52:32]

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