Aaron Ross is a global keynote speaker who specializes in helping people and companies make money in sustainable, predictable ways. Aaron is the bestselling author of “Predictable Revenue” and the co-author of “From Impossible to Inevitable,” detailing various best practices for companies to grow faster with outbound sales systems.

In this episode, we talked about outbound sales, business growth, predictable revenue…

Show notes

  • Introducing Aaron Ross. [1:17]
  • Setting realistic expectations and facing challenges through projections. [4:38]
  • How Aaron formed Predictable Revenue and determined what the company would do. [5:33]
  • Embracing the vital role of sales in a company. [7:57]
  • The advantages and disadvantages of teams doing prospecting. [12:16]
  • Perspectives on cold leads, and how to use them to your advantage.[13:29]
  • How to determine whether or not a certain type of work is outbound. [19:40]
  • The three types of leads in the sales spectrum, and why each one should be approached differently.  [25:47]
  • On saying yes to things, and how Aaron gets stuff done. [35:40]
  • Why it’s important to identify where you are and what your “why” is. [41:10]
  • The importance of knowing how all the pieces work when you’re an entrepreneur. [46:35]
  • How to get more information about Aaron. [50:25]
  • One book on Aaron’s reading list. [51:00]
  • Aaron’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [51:31]

Resources And People Mentioned:


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