Aaron Gaynor is the owner and CEO of Eco Plumbers, a residential plumbing company with a full range of eco-friendly products and services. With a decade’s worth of experience as a licensed green plumber, Aaron has grown his business to a team of 87 strong, even guiding it through a recession-battered economy. He has won multiple awards and recognition for his work, including the 2013 National Green Plumber of the Year award from Green Plumbers USA and a Special Award for Leadership from Columbus CEO magazine.

In this episode, we talked about contract negotiation, small business team building, plumbing, strategic planning…

Show notes

  • Introducing Aaron Gaynor. [1:26]
  • Aaron’s career journey, how he decided to go green, and what his future plans are. [3:05]
  • How and why the business rebranded to Eco Plumbers, and the type of work it does now. [7:33]
  • Effective channels and strategies for acquiring customers in the plumbing industry. [10:34]
  • The factors, KPIs, and other aspects that affected the three-year plan for Eco Plumbers, and how it scaled up. [13:48]
  • Getting into multiple trades versus sticking to just plumbing. [15:55]
  • Where the profitability percentage of revenues should land, and the potential of service contracts care plans for the plumbing industry. [17:00]
  • Some really, really important decisions Aaron made as a leader. [18:24]
  • Taking the plumbing business into another geographical market. [20:36]
  • Approaching recruitment: How and when to hire new people. [24:03]
  • The meetings and conversations that keep the company running and growing, and how they’ve changed over the last decade. [26:58]
  • The importance of marketing proficiency in mastering the process of becoming a CEO or business owner. [29:46]
  • Business acquisitions, and making your presence known to business owners who are retiring or who may want to sell. [31:33]
  • Approaching business valuations and acquisitions from a respectful and realistic perspective for both parties involved. [35:05]
  • Making the most out of ServiceTitan and Nexstar, and the value of having the right training and tools for plumbing companies. [42:08]
  • The most underestimated thing in business, and the value of hiring someone with a positive attitude and outlook. [47:55]
  • The character trait that someone who wants to win should look for in potential hires. [51:54]
  • How to get more information about Aaron. [53:01]
  • Three books on Aaron’s reading list. [53:14]
  • The importance of staying the course and putting in the work. [55:40]
  • Aaron’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [57:58]


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