To celebrate our 100th episode, we’re getting up close and personal with individuals from different departments of A1 Garage Door Service who play key roles in ensuring the company’s growth, profitability, and success.

In this special episode, we talked about sales, marketing, relationship building, recruitment…

Show notes

  • Introducing Andrew, Marketing Head of A1 Garage Door Service. [1:30]
  • The A1 Garage strategy for tracking numbers. [2:44]
  • How the company will be using Zoho to ensure business accountability. [5:30]
  • Andrew’s take on PPC versus organic (SEO). [7:26]
  • How the company is incorporating automated handwritten cards into their relationship nurturing strategy. [9:18]
  • The biggest misconception in marketing, and how BirdEye helps in addressing it. [11:19]
  • How the company is using email campaigns for relationship marketing. [13:44]
  • What the company is currently doing with advertisers to save money. [16:01]
  • How ServiceTitan played such a crucial role in growing the business. [17:58]
  • The unique personality type of a strong entrepreneur. [19:40]
  • Andrew’s experience as Employee of the Month, and what he got as a reward. [21:20]
  • Introducing Angela and Laurel from A1’s Call Center department. [21:46] 
  • What a typical day in the life of a customer care representative looks like. [22:30]
  • The unique pay structure that Angela came up with for the department, and how it encourages everyone on the team to do their best. [23:09]
  • Angela’s previous work experience, and how it prepared her for her present role. [26:13]
  • How the members of the team are categorized based on their level of expertise and the services they provide. [29:55] 
  • Some valuable tips on setting up a robust advanced call center. [35:11]
  • Explaining the differences between priority levels in dispatch, and how they’re addressed by the department. [38:23]
  • Introducing Brandon Colby, A1’s “MVP” and one of its consistent top technicians. [41:27]
  • How Brandon strategizes to deliver great home service before entering a customer’s house. [42:00]
  • Brandon’s mindset for dealing with setbacks and bouncing back from failure. [42:45]
  • Why Brandon believes in offering the best product possible to the customers, every time. [43:42]
  • The rewards and tips that Brandon has been reaping as one of A1’s top performers. [45:06]
  • How Brandon, as a trainer, identifies potential for success or failure in his trainees. [46:24]
  • Why it matters so much to “keep score” when it comes to performance. [47:23]
  • How and why Brandon values having a good relationship with the dispatchers. [48:27]
  • The secret to being a good dispatcher, as observed by Brandon. [49:29]
  • How financing plays a crucial role for Brandon in closing deals. [50:32]
  • Brandon’s tips for businesses that are struggling to find great technicians. [51:48]
  • The importance of taking some time off or a three-day weekend every once in a while. [53:03]
  • Brandon’s career before he started doing garage doors. [53:58]
  • Why it’s important to know both the technical and operational sides of your business. [54:27]
  • Brandon’s most important piece of advice for home service professionals. [57:19]
  • Introducing Bre, Tommy’s assistant. [59:56]
  • How working directly for someone else can hone some crucial skills and give you an advantage over others. [1:00:48]
  • Bre’s typical day, and her system for keeping Tommy’s schedule organized. [1:01:06]
  • The importance and advantages that come with friendship outside of work, and how Bre is Tommy’s “eyes and ears” in the company. [1:03:26]
  • The challenges of working with business owners, and what it takes for someone to really excel at doing Bre’s job. [1:05:19]
  • Introducing Daniel Dryman, A1’s Employee of the Month for October. [1:07:45]
  • Daniel’s two goals in working for the company. [1:08:10]
  • The training process at A1, and why manuals are important. [1:09:05]
  • Daniel’s tasks for the company in Michigan over the course of two weeks. [1:10:45]
  • What to look for in a potentially great team member. [1:12:00]
  • How doing the right thing for your employer and your customer means doing the right thing for your paycheck as well. [1:14:54]
  • Daniel’s most important piece of advice for home service professionals.[1:16:12]
  • How to know when it’s time to replace someone on your team. [1:17:23]
  • Why it’s important to follow up with customers. [1:18:39]
  • Diving deep into the A1 eight-step selling process. [1:20:03]
  • What makes working at A1 such a great experience. [1:24:16]

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