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As a child, I was obsessed with knowing how things worked. I could always be found tearing apart some toy, electronic device or engine to see how it worked. This eventually lead me to studying humans to figure out what makes us tick. My Entrepreneurial addiction started at age 13 when I became a caddie. I did not know it then but the countless hours of working as a caddie on the golf course, walking, talking and asking non stop questions of the business elite, would have a profound influence on my career and life long fascination of studying and modeling Peak Performers. I am always trying to find ways to add value to others. Through speaking, teaching and sharing what I’ve learned with other entrepreneurs and business leaders, I am able to help executives with limited time achieve more. THE LESSONS OF MY JOURNEY: Grit! As a 6’4” lanky 13-year-old, I did not have the build of a typical caddie. While working for one of the most prestigious Golf Clubs in New Jersey, 8 hours could pass without being selected by one of the members – because I didn’t “look the part”. With no salary, no contract and no wages, other than bag fees and tips from the members, I would be the first to arrive to the caddie shack each morning – sometimes before the sun – to watch and learn what it took to be a great caddie. Eventually, I became a regular for one of the wealthiest members of the club who was an Entrepreneur. This afforded me a 4 -8 hour, daily, free education about business and entrepreneurship. Eventually, I was able to arrive 15 minutes before my golfer’s tee time, as we had developed an exclusive relationship, allowing me to go from working harder than everyone else to working efficiently! Without realizing it at the time – I had taken advantage of another success necessity…. Mentorship & Modeling Upon graduating from high –school, unsure of what I wanted to do and pumping gas for a living ( Yes – in NJ someone pumps your gas ) , I took a job as a door –to –door life insurance salesman. Soon, with the voice of my mentor in my head, I realized that most of my co-workers knew nothing of the industry, sales, marketing or human behavior. It occurred to me that if I wanted to make exceptional money, in this field, I’d have to make a very important investment – in myself. The journey continued though, endless training modules, teleconferences, nights at the library pouring over books about, sales, marketing, and human psychology. If you want to learn and grow beyond measure, try selling life insurance at 18 years old. The constant “No’s” and lack of success was the best training ground possible. Inner strength, just like muscles, is built by putting yourself under constant pressure and adversity to build the ability to persevere and overcome. This work experience as a young adult fueled my ability to take the next necessary step in any success journey…. The Formula for Success In 2000 I started my entrepreneurial endeavor in earnest. I began by creating a global risk management consulting firm serving the private equity community. My top 15 clients had a combined revenue of $12.7 Billion USD with operations in over 100 Countries worldwide. Since then I’ve founded, bought and sold several multi-million dollar business. In addition to the successes there were plenty of failures along the way. Peak Performance Nation & Peak Performers Podcast were created to teach the tools, strategies, tricks, tips and psychology necessary to be a Peak Performer. I was frustrated by seeing great people and organizations with the knowledge of what to do but the inability to execute. It doesn’t matter what you know if you cannot execute.


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