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Praxis S-10

Who is PRAXIS S-10 ®?

Praxis S-10® is the fastest growing Success College For Contractors in history, founded by HVAC industry legends and innovation pioneers Jim Abrams and Terry Nicholson, in conjunction with one of the nation’s most successful residential contractors, Jimmy Hiller. This organization is the culmination of four decades of industry innovation, trailblazing leadership and world-class contracting knowledge.

Mission Statement

To Create the World’s Most Successful Contractors

How Can Praxis S-10 ® Help an HVAC Contractor?

  • Praxis S-10® has a 10-step success process evidenced and proven to help contractors achieve their goals. These aren’t the opinions or best practices from other contractors. These are the ten proven steps that have built 8 national brands and made 100’s of millionaire contractors inside of this industry. Because of their track record of success, nearly all of the largest, most successful contractors today are utilizing the systems that were developed and engineered by Praxis S-10 founders.
  • World’s Greatest Employees. Praxis S-10® is designed to build the world’s greatest employees for every position within an HVAC company. Jimmy Hiller, one of the largest residential contractors in the U.S., has invested over $1M dollars into a state of the art training facility to bring the world’s greatest training to Praxis S-10® members.
  • Members of Praxis S-10® have unprecedented support from the staff serving their members. Clients have unlimited access to their team via telephone, classroom, online training, live interactive video streaming and national conventions.
  • Praxis S-10® is the only organization in existence that provides contractors with the solutions to succeed in the digital, online world.


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