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Since 2001, Callcap has been the worldwide industry-leader in sales, marketing, customer service qualification, and analysis. Our mission is to “Provide vision to business conversation.” Callcap’s product suite includes, but is not limited to, call measurement, call recording, lead qualification, missed opportunity identification and recovery, online and offline lead conversion analysis, customer experience and satisfaction insights, a business-text platform, and many other applications built to enhance customer communication and deliver raw, actionable business intelligence.

These automated technologies are designed to uncover real-time data that our clients use to identify and create new opportunities for “now” actionable insights and sustainable growth among marketing, sales, retention, and customer service channels. When integrated, our clients realize increased return on investments, lower customer acquisition costs, a refined frontline operation, enhanced customer experiences, and a well-maintained brand reputation. We take pride in the deep-rooted, long-lasting partnerships we've established with thousands of American and Canadian businesses - from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises – who are committed to a progressive, forward-thinking approach towards data-driven decision management.

Things are changing. Call intelligence focused on understanding the relationship between marketing channels, has become critical in the ultra-competitive and constantly evolving landscape of digital and traditional marketing. Adopting a solution that delivers real-time, measurable insights focused on attribution, correlation and causation - specifically, digital and traditional lead conversions - will further develop client success management, using evidence-based intelligence to make swift decisions; ultimately, mitigating loss while maximizing effectiveness.

One of our major differentiators is our Callsurance service, which listens to each call with a live and trained call analyst. Human analysts provide richer data and more reliable outcomes through pre-set dispositions and call grading. Plus, Callcap can alert our clients in near-real time when someone hung up without making a purchase, so the client can immediately react to any potential issues.

At Callcap, our passion is to be the most trusted advisor in quality analytics. To that end, we function as a real-time laboratory, testing new technologies, methodologies, and customized projects for our clients within our own company.

We are headquartered in Wichita, Kansas - the nation's rapidly developing epicenter of entrepreneurship and technology advancement. We are proud to play a part in bringing some of the Midwest's brightest tech minds together under one roof.

In 2018, Marchex, a leading provider of call analytics that drive, measure, and convert callers into customers, based in Seattle, WA acquired Callcap to create a leading conversational analytics company across both voice and text messaging/SMS communications channels. The combined company has the largest set of business conversation data in the market.  This unique asset will enable the company to accelerate its innovation in AI and Conversation Analytics Technology.

Susy Boyter has built her career in the technology business solutions industry. She spent 22 years with AT&T, first in telephony as a service representative, and then in marketing as a key account sales manager. In 2004, Boyter joined the Cramer-Krasselt Agency as a national sales manager, where she was first introduced to Callcap’s services as a reseller. Finally, in 2009, Boyter officially came on board with Callcap as a call measurement and evaluation specialist, a position she retains today.


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