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About Furnace USA

FurnaceUSA was born with a simple premise – providing amazing value to consumers looking for heating and cooling (HVAC) equipment installed in their home. We seek to simplify the HVAC buying process while offering far more payment options at highly competitive prices. We are America’s On-Demand Heating and Cooling Company.

The residential retrofit HVAC & Hot Water retrofit market in the US is inefficient and hasn’t changed much in over half a century. Consumers are not being served well by this model and ultimately way overpaying for residential HVAC equipment to be installed.A few of the inefficiencies are listed below:

  1. A person physically driving to someone’s home to present or collect info that could be done online
  2. Supplier markups & manufacturer’s representative markups
  3. Small, inefficiently run HVAC companies with high overhead which ultimately results in high install prices. Some overhead which causes this is vehicle expenses, markups, administration, rent, commissions, management, waste etc
  4. Retaining high quality field staff is getting more difficult which drives labour costs up. More and more lead installers are breaking away into their own one-person companies which is creating even more fragmentation & competition (80,000+ HVAC companies in US)

The solution and where FurnaceUSA comes in…
There is a massive shift in the economy happening right now towards ‘On-demand’ services. Examples of this shift are companies like Uber (Transportation), GrubHub (Food Delivery), Shyp (Shipping Services), Handy (Cleaning & Handyman services) to name a few of the hundreds of on demand companies. The unifying thread across these on-demand companies is the customer dictating what they want, when they want with the supply side of the equation being filled with an on-demand workforce.

FurnaceUSA comes with dozens of years of experience in the conventional HVAC market – our entire goal is to deliver better value, lower cost and better products to your door and have them installed by the best installers.

By bypassing the markup and overhead created by owning & maintaining trucks, physical locations, inventory and excessively high labour costs we can out-compete competitors in a given market. Our commitment does not end there, we also seek to provide the best customer service experience of any heating and cooling company. Our customer service guarantee is very simple – we are not happy until you are. If any of are work fails to meet your satisfaction and we are unable to resolve it to your satisfaction, WE WILL PAY ANOTHER CONTRACTOR to fix the work. We are not aware of any HVAC company that offers this level of customer satisfaction guarantee!


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